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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela
​Infants-2 Year Old Class

Infants, 1 year olds, and 2 year old children are provided with learning materials designed to enhance their growth and development of their fine and gross motor skills. Our well trained teachers cater to all the essential needs of the children under their supervision keeping in mind that each child is unique and they learn and develop skills by exploring and interacting with each other.

​3-Year Old Class

We offer a very strong and structured curriculum for our 3 year old children with an understanding that each child learns and grows at their own pace. Our educated teachers prepare their daily lesson plan to encourage, enhance and provide opportunities for the children to develop their language, social, emotional, cognitive, and thinking skills.

Pre-K Class

We offer a curriculum that has been tested and designed for hands-on as well as visual learning. Our Pre-K teachers undergo rigorous mandatory training to provide quality education and care. Actively providing opportunities for the children to explore, experiment, interact, and develop language and writing skills, cognitive, and mathematical thinking skills for a brighter future.

 School Age (after school only)

 We provide homework and reading sessions, arts and crafts, and science projects to promote   creativity, critical thinking, and enforce positive interaction among peers. We offer summer camp,   field trips, and fun filled activities for ages kindergarten to 12 yrs.

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